Our Clients - Multilingual Connections

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries and from across the globe, but they all share one thing in common – and that’s their need to create connections through language. We value their trust, partnership and success.

Client Testimonials

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High Fidelity

“The value of working with Multilingual Connections was that when we were looking for moderators in these markets, we were getting full CVs of professors at universities in the social sciences and designers who have done human behavior designs! Those are the credentials we need, not just someone who’s been in market research for 20 years.”

Speed and Empathy

“We initially chose Multilingual Connections over alternatives because Founder & CEO Jill Bishop comes from a research background and understood our needs with refreshing speed and empathy. There is no one else we would have trusted to be as attentive and understanding – the team is quick to respond to requests, communicative during projects, and reliable on deadlines.”

Accurate and Timely

“I can count on Multilingual Connections to work with our needs and goals in mind and deliver accurate and timely translation services. They provide the support we need to expand our technology and products to people who enjoy wine worldwide.”


Loyal and Supportive

“Multilingual Connections has been a loyal and supportive partner. They have gone the extra mile to answer our questions and talk through our concerns with each project. They do whatever they can to meet our needs for each unique situation, and they are never too busy to jump on a quick call to talk out a concern or question.”

Impressively Fast

“The transcriptions and translations were done very well, and we’ve been able to share really powerful and poignant quotes from these interviews. Your team was impressively fast and also open to feedback and able to change in real-time. I also appreciated the organization of the process and the use of secure file exchange programs for sensitive data.”


“We always strive to better understand and enhance our visitors’ experiences at the Museum. We wanted to make sure that most of our visitors had an opportunity to participate and give their feedback. By translating our exit survey from English into several other languages we are able to include more voices and more experiences in our dataset. Multilingual Connections’ team is quick to reply to emails, answer questions, and get you what you need. It was a seamless process and the turnaround time was great.”


“After receiving multiple inquiries about our green cleaning products from Latin America and China, we felt it was important to translate our sales sheets and company overview. We wanted to make sure we’d be working with translators that were fluent in the language but also understood the technical terminology we use in our business. We reached out to Multilingual Connections, and they were a great help to us. The translations were well received by our international partners, and their project managers have been fantastic to work with. We’ve been really happy with the experience and will definitely use them in the future.”


“Multilingual Connections was a great alternative because of their transparency with their process as well as their pricing. The customer service received was outstanding!”

A Class Act

“Multilingual Connections is a class act. Prompt, accurate, work within your time frame, priced fairly and a pleasant staff. What more could you ask for in looking for a company you work with every month. You Rock Multilingual Connections!”


“Multilingual Connections helps the Major League Baseball Players Association communicate with its diverse membership in close to real time. From quick messages to memos to legal documents, we rely on Multilingual Connections for quick, accurate and professional service. They get it right.”


“I was intrigued by Multilingual Connections’ ability to do transcriptions in multiple languages. One of my areas of medical research is in the provision of medical care to recent immigrants and so this is right up my alley, and it is particularly nice to work with one organization who can do work in multiple languages. It’s clear that the transcriptionists are expert and have listening and verbal fluency in my languages of interest, and the staff are so responsive, honest, and clear about what I can expect and when. They are a pleasure to work with.”