Frequently Asked Questions - Multilingual Connections

Since 2005, Multilingual Connections has helped clients engage their multilingual markets and expand their global reach through translation, transcription, and multimedia localization services. Have a question about who we are and what we do? Find out more below!

What is Multilingual Connections?

Multilingual Connections is a global language solutions company that helps clients understand, engage and grow their multilingual audiences – local, national, or global – in over 75 languages. Since 2005, Multilingual Connections has partnered with clients to provide linguistically and culturally relevant translations of documents, websites and apps, transcreation of marketing content, transcription of interviews and focus groups, and localization of multimedia for video and eLearning.

We’re a woman-owned company (WBENC, WBE, WOSB and DBE) based in the Chicago area, and we’re members of the American Translators Association (ATA), Association of Language Companies (ALC) and Globalization & Localization Association (GALA). See more on our About Us page.

How is Multilingual Connections different?

With extensive expertise in language and culture, we partner with you to provide culturally relevant language solutions that will resonate with your audience – in over 75 languages. When you work with a professional translation agency like us, we do the recruiting, vetting, and quality assurance for you. We use a proven translation process to make sure our linguists are highly experienced and use the latest translation technology and industry glossaries. Our editors then review the translated content for accuracy and polish before delivering the final product. As a client, you also know that you can come back to an agency with any questions or requests for modifications.

Can Multilingual Connections handle industry-specific translations?

Yes. We often work on projects in Human Resources, Marketing and Market Research, and Legal industries. Our translators are specialists in their industries. See more about our industry expertise here.

Who are the translators at Multilingual Connections?

We choose the translators for your project from over a thousand native speakers proficient in the target and source languages. Machine translation does have some practical application for specific projects, but in most cases, we will only provide human translations for your project.

Do you provide Certified Translations?

Yes, we provide certified translations. When a document is being used for immigration, admission to institutions of higher learning, or for some legal or “official” purpose, a certified translation may be required.
We certify our documents by including a notarized certificate of accuracy which states that the translation was completed by a professional agency and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. This certification contains the signatures of the project lead and a notary public, who also provides an official stamp. You can request a Certificate of Translation Accuracy by adding a note during the final stage of your online order (“Notes for the translator”), or by simply asking our team when contacting us.

What is the difference between translation and transcreation?

Transcreation is best described as a blend of copywriting and translation, as it involves adapting – and often recreating or reimagining – your original message to better resonate with the cultural context of your audience. It gives the translator more creative freedom to convey your intended voice across languages and bring your message home.

Is it possible to maintain the page layout during the translation process?

The document’s original layout will be maintained in all editable file formats (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, editable PDFs, Web and software formats, etc.). In these cases, we work on the original document by overwriting the text without changing the style or format. For non-editable files such as images and scanned PDFs, we can maintain the layout by adding a DTP service.

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