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Language Tutoring for Kids

Multilingual Connections is a translation agency and language school in Chicago.  Until June of 2014, we provided group language classes and school programs for kids.  We sadly discontinued these programs in order to focus on our translation services and language classes for adults and corporate/business needs.  But don’t despair – we continue to offer private tutoring in over a dozen languages for students of all ages, so whether you’re looking to expose your young child to your heritage language or open his/her eyes (ears and mouth) to a new world language, help prepare your child for an AP exam, or just because – we’re happy to help!  Visit tutoring page for more information.



Translation services without the f-bombs

Learning to swear in another language is often a big draw to language-learners, as is learning how to order a beer.  When it comes to the corporate world, though, communicating across language lines is a business essential – and rarely does it need to involve f-bombs. Whether you’re looking to translate websites or legal contracts, transcribe […]

Updates from Multilingual Connections

Multilingual Connections has been helping people connect with their communities and world since 2005.  We began by offering workplace language training programs, and in response to client requests, we quickly added translation services to the mix. Five years ago, we started offering language classes for the community as a whole, but we recently made the difficult decision to scale […]

Workplace English Proficiency

Workplace English proficiency in the US is a growing challenge for businesses and employees. A 2014 Brookings Institute report revealed that “19.2 million [working age adults in the US] are considered limited English proficient (LEP), comprising almost 10 percent of the working-age population” and those workers “earn 25 to 40 percent less than their English […]

Build Better Business Skills with Bilingual Boot Camps

The benefits of learning a new language are infinite but for working professionals, even a basic understanding of greetings, commands, and cultural customs can change one’s ways of working for the better. According to US News and World Report, in our increasingly globalized business world, acquiring a foreign language can create dynamic working relationships with […]

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