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Language classes

Our experienced and engaging language teachers accommodate every need, language and skill level. Learn the basics in one Sunday. (Yes, we offer that.) Or build confidence with weekly classes.

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Private tutoring

Get one-on-one attention. We select an instructor, develop a schedule and outline curriculum based on your needs. Learn in our language center, or we come to you.

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Cultural events

Our café is ground zero for our drop-in cultural events. Team up with travel bloggers. Meet for pub tours. Practice Spanish or French at our free weekly Conversation Cafe meetup. Learn to prepare ethnic staples.

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Workplace English Proficiency

Workplace English proficiency in the US is a growing challenge for businesses and employees. A 2014 Brookings Institute report revealed that “19.2 million [working age adults in the US] are considered limited English proficient (LEP), comprising almost 10 percent of the working-age population” and those workers “earn 25 to 40 percent less than their English […]

Build Better Business Skills with Bilingual Boot Camps

The benefits of learning a new language are infinite but for working professionals, even a basic understanding of greetings, commands, and cultural customs can change one’s ways of working for the better. According to US News and World Report, in our increasingly globalized business world, acquiring a foreign language can create dynamic working relationships with […]

America Reimagined Watches the Clock on America’s Minority Majority Shift

According to the U.S Census, America is on track to become a “Minority Majority” country between the years 2008 and 2050 and thanks to America Reimagined, we can all watch our evolving population as it shifts from one State to the next. The site, powered by consumer tracking service EthniFacts challenges the U.S Census timeframe […]

Four Japanese Artists to Watch

On Saturday August 23rd, Multilingual Connections is teaming-up with the Chicago Japanese Language Meetup Group to host an exhibit and demonstration from four renowned Japanese artists at our studio space in West Bucktown. The artists, who are in Chicago for the Ginza Matsuri Festival, will demonstrate their process during the open house. Mediums include calligraphy, ceramics, […]

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