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Meet business goals by overcoming language and cultural
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In Some Jobs, Foreign Language Proficiency Can Mean The Difference Between Life And Death

A wide variety of industries benefit from multilingual employees.  Education, finance, social services, hospitality, and travel all need team members with foreign language skills. However, for certain jobs, the stakes are higher and foreign language proficiency is critical to safety and health.     911 Operator According to the New York Daily News “Spanish-speaking New […]

Translation services without the f-bombs

Learning to swear in another language is often a big draw to language-learners, as is learning how to order a beer.  When it comes to the corporate world, though, communicating across language lines is a business essential – and rarely does it need to involve f-bombs. Whether you’re looking to translate websites or legal contracts, transcribe […]

Updates from Multilingual Connections

Multilingual Connections has been helping people connect with their communities and world since 2005.  We began by offering workplace language training programs, and in response to client requests, we quickly added translation services to the mix. Five years ago, we started offering language classes for the community as a whole, but we recently made the difficult decision to scale […]

Workplace English Proficiency

Workplace English proficiency in the US is a growing challenge for businesses and employees. A 2014 Brookings Institute report revealed that “19.2 million [working age adults in the US] are considered limited English proficient (LEP), comprising almost 10 percent of the working-age population” and those workers “earn 25 to 40 percent less than their English […]

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